Friday, February 22


It seems that much of my posting lately has been classwork from Creative Writing class. Fortunately, there is more in life happening than that, but I don't have the time to convert thoughts and happenings into posts for my blog. In any case, I'm posting yet another poem from class. It is a riddle, and a bad one at that. We were writing off of writing prompts and this is the unedited flow of thought from my mind. Strangely enough, when my writings were workshopped in class this week, this was most people's favorite even though I spent the least amount of time on it. It still needs work, and I plan to make it more obvious what the answer to the riddle is. Speaking of, it wasn't really intended to be a riddle... but that's another story. Without further ado:

Night Song

Silence falls, a soft blanket 'round about me.
Light tiptoes out of sight, quietly closing the door behind it.
Stillness encircles me, slowly pressing inward.
I wait.

The world is hushed, no busy noises ringing.
All ears asleep, all vibrations have ceased.
I let a tiny breeze sweep through me,
But softly.

No beams of light illumine the room,
The darkness muffles all about.
My shining silver here can hide,
Muted by dark.

Motions of tickling fingers are stilled.
No movement will now disturb
The peace and deadened stillness.
My keys tingle.

Now, in quiet undisturbed night
Devoid of glaring lights and bustle,
I lift my voice, my melody--
I sing.