Monday, September 3

The Waiting Place

Several many months ago, I read a book entitled The Waiting Place by Eileen Button. My friend, Beth-Anne had given it to me as a birthday present, and I enjoyed it immensely. It is a collection of personal stories intended to help each of us appreciate the "waiting place," wherever and whenever it might be for each of us. The author talks about how we always seem to be rushing ahead to the next stage in life, always wanting to get out of this chapter and into the next chapter in which we expect to find more joy and happiness than we have in the present moment. Her point in this book is that we can learn to find and appreciate the joy and happiness of the here and now, the day-to-day living that comes in between life's big events.

As I said, I enjoyed this book so much, and I could write about many different stories or ideas that the author presented that really resonated with me. However, I just want to share one quote that I felt captured the point of the entire book.

"We can wait all our lives for the next stage to come. Or we can choose to see the waiting place for what it often is: unexpectedly magical and holy."

God wants us to find joy and to see the holy beauty of each moment in our lives with which He has blessed us. And I'm learning that the best way to do that is to verbally thank Him each day for the blessing of life He has given and to walk in close company with Him each day.