Thursday, November 23

A Word of Introduction

I've decided to create a page (says the 50 millionth new blogger); an outlet for the reverberating musings of an often befuddled and contemplative mind. So this is it. I have also decided that I will allow myself a few words of introduction, or perhaps I should say, explanation. Here they are.
First and foremost, I'd like to explain my choice of blog title. The title "Vivere vix Deus" means (as the blog description below it so kindly announces) to live for God. I chose this because I am a rather sentimental being; this particular phrase is the aim of Highland View Academy's senior class of 2004, of which I am a proud member, and thus have adopted it as my own. Besides that, it is indeed an aim truly worth striving for, and one that I hope to remind myself of often.
Whilst creating this page, I struggled (and in fact, almost did not create said page for the reason I'm about to mention) with trying to come up with some clever or meaningful blogspot address. You see, I am completely, helplessly, indecisive, which makes attempting to pick out a satisfying permanent address that will be both meaningful and some sort of reflection of myself quite challenging to say the least. However, triumph is only a matter of perseverance, and triumph I did (as evidenced by the existence of this page). My settling on "onlymymuse" is all thanks to my dear friend, Merriam-Webster dictionary. Several definitions given by the aforementioned friend are as follows- Main Entry: Function: noun: a state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction; Function: noun : a source of inspiration; especially : a guiding genius.

There you have it, the biography and exposition of my blog page. I hope you enjoy (or at least are amused by) my wonderings and thoughts as much as I enjoy writing them. Comments and thoughts are encouraged as they will provide more for my mind to ponder.

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Christy said...

heehee! I love it! How fun kristin :D yay! Miss ya :D