Wednesday, January 30


This post brought to you courtesy of Creative Writing class and the inspiration provided by a poem written by Felicia. In class we looked at an old edition of the Legacy (yearly school publication of writings and art) and I found a poem written by my friend Felicia. We were supposed to imitate a poem-- the style, the concept, or some other element-- we found in the Legacy, so I chose hers. I imitated the style of her poem. I may change some things, but for now I'm satisfied with it.


My life’s begun to change again,
The restlessness is gone.
The days of selfish pestilence
Erased with this new dawn.

I’m free from your command.

You grasp at my heart, but in vain—
This time I will not yield.
My heart is out of reach, for now
The sword of Christ I wield.

You must go now.

Farewell, adieu. Be on your way.
I pity your sad fate;
For you were once the shining star
That lighted heaven’s gate.

What now, you ask?

I’ll flood this vacant residence,
This heart that you once filled,
With holy, selfless love of God.
My future He will build.

Today begins my freedom, tomorrow holds only joy.


Little Christen said...

Very nice! I think this is one of, if not my favorite poem of yours I've read so far. :D

Mom E said...

So, can you send me Felicia's poem so I can see how it inspired you?

TBird said...