Wednesday, February 17

My Inbox

A perspective on my life based on the contents of my email inbox by subject line:

Dr. Bietz Convocation Credit
Visit #2
what do you think?...
Olympic watching Thursday
Soccer Team!
dearest :)
Evangelistic Series
Applied Stats
Recipes :-)

Random, I know. But I wonder if it says anything about me. If nothing else, it certainly is an interesting conglomeration of subjects in my mind.


Jonas said...

It's almost inconceivable to imagine what college would be like without email. Seriously. What would we do?

Christen said...

Hehe. I wonder what people would think about you, years from now, if all that remained about your life were centered on your email inbox. Creepy...Well, I'm glad I know you in person.

I think I've been studying archaeology for too long...