Tuesday, March 2

One Snowy Spring Break Morning

It is March. In southeastern Tennessee.

My commentary on this next one makes me laugh. This is why I avoid impromptu speaking.

*If you want to see these videos slightly larger, click here.


Emily Star said...

i miss you! bahahah i love the commentary too. :) "there he goes...." :) love it. em

Katalin said...

hehe, snowy surprise! your southern deer look much more energetic and excited about the snow, than the deer that stand around in my back pasture. :D

Christen said...

Yay for deer! I didn't see any here. :( But...I did/do see snow. Yep...lots of inches. It's quite reminiscent of last spring break. I guess a tradition has begun.

Caitlin said...

The deer are so funny! I wonder what they were saying to each other? Thanks for capturing the moment!