Tuesday, December 21

Footprints in the Snow (A Snapshot of My Heart)

Before me lies a dismal scene—
Barren trees,
Muddied fields (with splotched patches of green),
and a cold, gray sky.

Raising my eyes heavenward
I wonder at my ability
To make such a mess of
Your Creation.

With upturned face,
Eyes closed,
and a whispered prayer,
Hope rises.

As light greets my opening eyes
Thick, heavy snowflakes
Fall with grace
To cover over this dead, wintry soul.

Before me lies a new scene—
Elegant, snow-covered trees,
A pure, white blanket,
and a bright, clear sky.

Raising my eyes heavenward
I wonder at Your ability
To make such beauty in
Your Creation.

And with gratitude and love,
I walk forward in grace
Leaving only footprints in the snow.


Christen said...

I like this a lot! But then again, I often like your poetry. :)

Teddy said...

This is so amazing Kristen, a'lot to think about too. I love it when you share your poems on here! Thanks again!

LDS 4 Ever said...

Hello, I came across your blog by clicking next from my blog and love your poem here....Interesting. Come by and visit anytime!

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I love your poem.thank for sharing.
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Bethany Anne said...

Your poem is amazing. You have a gift! I just started a blog for my writing if you would ever want to check it out and give me advice that would be awesome. It's bethanyannepoetry.blogspot.com

crissy said...

Very nice poem! Keep sharing!

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Great! this is definitely amazing. .love it=)