Monday, August 15

Steady as the Seasons (Turning Over New Leaves)

The winds are changing--
A bitter wind blowing in and
Rearranging everything certain.

And with this descent of
Another Autumn
A million leaves have scattered
To mask the familiar.

But in time the winds will be changing--
A fresh wind bringing new
Life to the uncertain.

And with the rise of
A novel Spring
A million leaves will flourish
To paint the unfamiliar.


I can't decide if I like this or not. I'll read it through once and feel like it captures what I'm feeling almost perfectly. Then I'll re-read it and decide that I really ought to give up all attempts at poetry because I only ever disappoint myself. I feel like when I write, I'm always on the very brink of something deeply profound, and yet somehow I've missed the boat completely. Maybe someday I'll come back to it and make some changes. Maybe I won't.

In any case, it seems hopeful. And hope is what I'm clinging to these days.


Boggess said...

I really liked it Kristin. I feel much more hopeful after reading it. And I'll read it again. :) Keep it up--you've made my day today.

Elissa Lombard said...

Oh my word, Kristin! That is not a thought you ought to think! You need to keep writing poems, you have a gift, people enjoy your poems and I was quite put out by your self-doubt. Also, we need to talk.

Joel said...

I like it.
I like how the mood shifts and surprises you. I like how you explore the concept of regular change. I like how it's symmetrical. I like how it has layers--it's easy to understand, but not simple. I'm glad you wrote something :)

Caitlin said...

This was my favorite part :)

"A million leaves will flourish
To paint the unfamiliar."

Thank you for sharing it!
Also - I know you've been busy lately, but I would absolutely love to visit with you when you have time!

Kristin said...

I'm glad it could be appreciated.

Megan: :D I'm so happy to know you're alive and reading blogs. And I'm glad you liked it. Hope you enjoyed your Alaskan tour :)

Elissa: You're really sweet :) And I could totally hear you say this. We'll talk this week.

Joel: I'm shocked. You got it. I mean, you analyzed all the little intentionalities of the poem- the symmetry and contrast, as well as the purpose of the title. Usually I assume that most of that will be missed because I don't expect anyone to be quite as analytical as I am (at least when it comes to poetry). Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, even if it was a misunderstanding on my part :)

Caitlin: Those are my favorite lines too :) I especially like the word flourish in connection with spring. I think that's what gives it such a hopeful tone. Hopefully we can spend time together before I leave again :)