Wednesday, February 7


The beauty of this world
With You could ne'er contend;
To reach Your majesty,
Our world cannot pretend.

But You, dear Lord and King,

In humans left a trace
Of beauty quite Divine-
Your image gain'd through grace.


CJK said...

I like it kristin. you write beautiful poetry. And it's even better because it's about God :)

Johonn said...

Thats an awesome poem...I was afraid to comment at first because i wasn't sure if it was from a hymnal or from your pen!
BTW, whatever happened to the volleyball tournament? or was that the sabbath that we all went hiking?

Kristin said...

Thanks... It really just came to me during vespers, so it was a God-thing :)
Oh, and yes that was the sabbath we went hiking. And no one went to the team meeting so we couldn't play. Speaking of hiking, I just got the pictures off my camera! :)

Alban said...

I should be studying for a test, but instead I'm following a long chain of interesting blogspots. Anyways, nice poem, and hello. It's been a while. And yes, I realize leaving a comment on someone's blog is pretty lame if you haven't talked to them for...oh my...a long time. I guess it's better than nothing. Cheers and happy Monday (can mondays be happy?).

Kristin said...

Alban, I have no doubts that you'll do wonderfully on your test. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by. Lame or not, it's good to hear from you. There was some speculation for a while that you might not be alive anymore ;)