Monday, January 8

Kristin One: A Morning Befuddled

*Beep beep beep beep* Kristin One's eyes open in delayed fashion as she shuts off the alarm clock.
"Whoa, what a strange dream... Why on earth did I dream about that? And why were they in my dreams? Hey wait a minute, what's that flashing white light?" Kristin One's adrenaline took a steep climb upward as she wondered, "Is that the fire alarm? But why isn't it making any noise? Shouldn't it be talking to me and telling me to leave the building? But it looks like the fire alarm light..."
Finally, her somewhat sluggish brain discovered by way of a quick glance out the window that the flashing white light was not indeed the fire alarm, but rather the reflection of a blinking white light outside (source still remains unknown). "My goodness, I hope the rest of my day isn't quite like this," Kristin One thought to herself. After several morning rituals such as putting in contacts and looking around the room in slight confusion wondering what to do next, Kristin One ventured into the bathroom.
Kristin One and Christen Two happen to share the aforementioned bathroom with two friendly inhabitants of the Thatcher Hall dormitory whose names are Caitlin and Christy. Caitlin, being quite the Christmas enthusiast, had strung up blue Christmas lights in the bathroom. On this particular morning, the first day of the new semester, the bathroom light was off and only the blue lights provided any guidance for sleepy eyes.
Kristin One flipped the light switch and on came the light and fan. As she looked at the toilet, something seemed to be not quite right. Staring up at her from the bottom of the toilet bowl was a rather unusual item. It took a moment for this fact to register in Kristin One's slightly befuddled mind. Now, for clarification's sake, the item which happened to be in the toilet bowl was not in and of itself unusual, but rather the fact that it was in the toilet bowl was what made it so extraordinarily odd. "A razor?" Kristin One questioned her eyes. "What is a razor doing in the toilet? I suppose I'm going to have to get it out if anyone's to be able to use this. I mean, it probably isn't a good idea to flush the toilet with that in there. I wonder if it would actually go through the pipes? Hmm, better not find out, I'm sure someone would miss their razor." Kristin One's mind attempted, unsuccessfully, to grasp any logical thoughts that might be floating in her brain at this hour.
With the help of a toilet bowl brush, Kristin One eventually managed to fish the ill-fated razor out with few complications and continued on with her day as if this morning was but a second strange dream that had meandered through the chasm of her mind.

I hope you've enjoyed the completely true story of this morning. Absolutely no part of this was in any way exaggerated, and the recorded thoughts of Kristin One truly did pass through her brain this morning :D


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CJK said...

Yay! You posted it! What a fun story.

Paul said...

someone is posting all original thoughts

Kristin said...

Thank you? I think...

Paul said...

honesty is always good--at least in my book:-)