Wednesday, May 2

Forgotten Pilgrim, Flying Disc, and a Bach Carousel

I am quite fatigued; however, it is a completely enjoyable sort of fatigued. I was able to have quite the amusing dinner with Thomson, Christy, and Carol where discussion ranged from difficult, sleep-prohibiting finals to Bunyan's forgotten character, Mr. Decision, with a quick dip into the waters of nursery rhymes. As you can see by my brief description, it was indeed quite the dinner. Following this I was able to play frisbee with terribly fun people (Also known as Ivan, Joel, and little Christen)!! Yay for round discs hurled through the air at friends, especially with a bit of math added in, free of cost :) However, it might have been more pleasant without the itch-inducing grass. I suppose it's a good thing Ivan and Joel attempted to mow the lawn while we were playing.

No sooner had I completed this tiring task than I discovered a message on my phone from Kelsey! She was calling to check about the much awaited and anticipated walk we had been planning. Our walk turned out to be quite extensive in conversation and scenery, and was a most delightful event. We were able to hear a chorus of frogs enchant us with their melodious and uninterpretable hymns of praise, although one attempted to escape the choir and go solo. After much discussion of multiple subjects, we ended up at the playground. Here we rediscovered the many joys brought about by motion; more specifically, swings. We noted that it's quite amusing that humans can be so entertained with something as simple as moving back and forth, suspended in the air. Unfortunately, children's swingsets were not designed with 20 year old college students in mind, and soon we opted for the more comfortable tire swings. This was an experience worth noting indeed. Mostly we went round and round at a rather fast pace and lamented the existence of our semicircular canals. Then, as we controlled the pace and slowed it to a comfortable swirl, we decided that it would be our carousel and we began singing a little ditty sort of tune which was at least on the surface somewhat carousel-worthy. On this particular visit to the carousel we discussed the possibilities of Bach being blasted from the apartment above hers next year, and we also created a new aerobic workout, tire swing edition.
All in all, I would have to say that today could not have been much better. I believe today was a day in which God allowed me to count my blessings in the form of friends. I can't wait to see how God is going to top this day with tomorrow's blessings :)


Christy said...

Kristin, I love how you took such a fun and silly evening and described it using very proper writing. You definitely have talent :)

I'm thankful for you too! And I hope you're having a fun time at CBR. Miss you!

Johonn said...

I too enjoyed the manner in which you portrayed the activities of the day...quite interesting indeed. :)

Kristin said...

You know, the parodox of my writing style and content never really occurred to me until your comments and then quickly perused my blog. Oh dear. Well, I'm glad it was amusing :)
Oh, and CBR was most definitely lots of fun :) Details to follow in a blog in the relatively near future.

Johonn said...
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Johonn said...

P.S. love the frisbee picture...its the one on my frisbee! :)