Monday, May 28

Family Picnic

This will be mainly a picture post :)

This is my cousin Kamiah on the left :) She's about a year old now.

Brooklynn on the right. I'm not exactly sure how old she is; probably 18 months or 2 years. But she is one independent little girl :)

And this is Faith Ellen. She just turned 3 recently. Here she's showing off her new pet caterpillar.

This is Philip :D He's really sweet and funny. And sometimes when he talks he sounds like Eeyore. I think that he's around 5 or so.

Here's Christian standing on a slide that he's about to jump off of. He's the daredevil of the family :) I think he might be 7 ish.

Over on the right we have Hope, who was, I believe, trying to rollerblade on one rollerblade that was much too large for her foot. Kamiah's oldest sister, Kenya is in the corner of the picture.

And finally, me and Brittany. She's about 14 now and loves horses- especially hers :) She told me that she was going to get to work at a summer camp where she boards her horses up in Rhode Island (where she lives). Peter, Brittany, Hope, Christian, Philip, and Faith Ellen are all brothers and sisters if you couldn't tell from how similar they look in the pictures.

And those are just a few of my younger cousins that I saw at our family picnic. I didn't get a picture of Peter because he was off with my brothers and another cousin. I also missed getting pictures of Jules (Brooklynn's older sister), Cierra (Kenya and Kamiah's sister), and Michael (an older cousin). It was a lot of fun to be able to see everyone again.


Caitlin said...

fun pictures! I remember you telling me about Faith Ellen, and how I thought / still think that it is a lovely name :)

I miss you! but I got the address for camp cherokee, so fun letters will be on the way :)
I might request a song for you to sing when you get your mail...

Lorrie said...

You have so many adorable children in your family....I am jealous! :p

GypsumWolf said...

Thats a lot of little people.