Monday, June 11

Dark Hours

When the Virginia Tech shootings happened, my grandfather told me that he thought I should write something about it. Things had been fairly busy for a while and then I just didn't have the motivation to write, but yesterday I had a bit of inspiration. I wrote this poem, and even though it's not specifically about VA Tech and what happened there, it was inspired by thoughts on the shootings and other terrible things that have happened because of Satan's influence and our separation from God. So Grandaddy, here it is. (And Little Christen, unfortunately, I don't think it's a 10... maybe a 9. Perhaps I'll go back and fix it sometime)

The darkest hour on earth did pass
When Jesus wore the crown,
Hung on a tree between two thieves,

And to Him sin was bound.

Though dark that hour, it brought us hope;

Its darkness lets us live
To see the glory of the Lord
In freedom that He gives.

Since that dark hour more hours have come
To blacken our earth's days.
They've brought us pain beyond belief;
Satan his pow'r displays.

But Satan's pow'r, confined to earth,
Cannot deter our hearts;
For in the darkness we find hope
That faith in Christ imparts.


Christy said...

You always amaze me with your poem-writing talent! In a hundred years (if Jesus hasn't come), it will be your poems in all those textbooks!

The message here is really poignant. Good job!

roadrunner said...

Silly Kristin. I believe you would get a 10 for this one. ;) I really like it! (And I see you kept with your typical a,b,a,b 8,6,8,6 meter pattern.) I wrote a poem recently too, though not as amazing... :)

Kristin said...

Little Christen, you must put your poem up on your blog :D I want to read it because I'm sure that it is absolutely amazing.