Tuesday, June 5

Camp Blue Ridge

I've decided to post some more pictures. Perhaps sometime soon I'll have the motivation to actually write a post worth reading, but for now pictures will have to do. These are pictures from our church retreat at Camp Blue Ridge. Most of them are from the hike we took to Spy Rock on Sabbath.

This is my cousin Kristi and me right before the hike.

My grandparents :)

That's Hudson, a boy who goes to my church.

A bird my mom got a picture of. Perhaps Thomson can tell what kind it is?

My dad and Kristi at the top.

It was kind of raining and gray, but still a nice view and definitely a good hike.


Caitlin said...

Camp Blue Ridge is pretty! but even prettier with your face ;)

Christy said...

isn't she the ice skater? (kristi that is)

Kristin said...

Yes :)

roadrunner said...

Despite the rain, you still got a lot of good pictures. Besides, the rain makes it look...argh. I can't think of the word for it...but it's a good thing ;) I really need to work on my vocabulary...