Tuesday, November 13

Happenings in Redbud 1

We, the residents of Redbud 1, often have trouble, especially later in the evening, with our brains not functioning at the level on which we wish that they would. Our brains tend to get quite tired from their work throughout the day and we have a bit of trouble attempting to make sense of and sensibly complete our homework. This was the crisis we faced tonight.
Emily was talking with me and we were both lamenting the fact that we had had large, mind-dulling tests earlier today and they had made our minds slightly fuzzy. She then told me, "I don't wanna write my paper," and I con
curred that I did not want to write mine either. I then gave her some nurse-ly advice:
"Maybe you should stand on your head for a minute and then all the blood would rush back to your brain and it would be useful again!"
I also shared this advice with Beth-Anne, who was also having difficulty focusing and being productive. We decided to give it a try.

Here we have me and Beth-Anne trying out my "nurse-ly" advice.
Emily does not seem to find any merit in it.

After this invigorating break from our respective homework assignments we came to several conclusions:
1. Standing on your head may not directly make your brain useful again; however, when finished standing on your head you will most likely find that you are more awake than you were previously and that you have indirectly stimulated increased blood circulation.
2. Standing on your head also produces a side effect of a headache.

3. Kristin has been away from nursing school for too long.


islandcat said...

You know it was awfully annoying that I could stand on my head for longer then 10 seconds before my arms gave out...booo...oh well it did wake me up...Kristin we have such silly people living in our apartment :)

Kelsey said...

lol Kristin. You know, they say that GI problems are all about gravity (ie sitting up for acid reflus), however I don't know about the cardiovascular system. However, I've experimented with the gravity factor before... Once my head stopped throbbing, I decided jogging was much more effective.

Johonn said...

Interesting...I must try that sometime. Next time my brain is being starved for blood. That should do the trick. :D I do believe that I will use a pillow to cushion my cranium, however, so as to preclude the ensuing cephalalgia.

Christy said...

i have missed your funny blogs. i also have missed your funny presence. we used to do this kind of funny stuff :( :( but i'm glad you're having a funny time!

Paul said...

interpretive dance to hymns does the trick too.

Little Christen said...

After consulting with Martina, I have come to the hypthesis of what a true English major would do in your situation. If capable of standing on his/her head, he/she would then walk on his/her hands, thereby causing an increase of bloodflow to the hands, stimulating one to write more effectively. Just a suggestion. ;)

Kristin said...

Oh dear. This presents a startling dilemma. If that were what a "true" English major would do, then what am i??? Am I in the wrong field of study? Am I wasting my life at Southern? Do I have to change my major and stay yet another 3 years??? Well, perhaps this can be explained. Perhaps I didn't think to do that because I'm only half-English major ;)

Caitlin said...

wow Kristin!

quite the balancing act!