Saturday, December 12

Post Hoc

This is directly stolen from Christen's Creative Writing blog. It makes me laugh, and I thought I would share because we could all use a laugh now and then. I love my roommate.

Kristin: So in statistics there are two post-hoc tests that we run. The first one is called Bonferroni, which sounds like some misfit type of pasta, and the second is the Tukey test, which always looks like "turkey" mispelled, and sounds like you're calling a toucan. "Here, tukey, tukey, tukey, tukey."

Christen: (laughing uncontrollably)


Jonas said...

Lol. That did make me laugh. Thanks!

I always remember the strange things better. I don't know if this was a factual sketch or not, but it sounds like something Barry and I met have said in past years.

Kristin said...

I'm glad it made you laugh :) It is indeed factual, word for word.

Unfortunately, my ability to remember those two tests in statistics did not have any effect on my final exam performance... though hopefully I did alright in spite of that fact.

Christen said...

Hehe. Good times. I love my roommate too! ;D