Tuesday, January 26

Above Average

I've just made an incredible discovery. According to one of my textbooks, I am just very slightly above average height. Across all biocultural groups for women, average height is 63.7 inches; for white Americans, it is 63.8 inches.*

I am a proud 63.9 inches tall.

*Study data from 1995.


Jackie said...

So Lorrie and I went to Olive Garden for lunch last week. The waiter sat us in a booth. When we sat down, I commented on how high the table was and we kind of chuckled. Then our drinks came. We both couldn't reach our mouths to the straw while sitting! We laughed uncontrollably. Life can be interesting for shorter people. I'm glad you are above average, Kristin ;)

Emily Star said...

you are above average in alot of other ways too friend. :) love you, em

Elissa Lombard said...

You're definitely above average in lots of ways, Kristin -- I'm happy I know you. I like your find, it's a fun fact... :)