Friday, October 5


I'm waxing a bit melancholy tonight-- but a good sort of melancholy.

I've been catching up on blogs, looking at pictures of my friends far away, and wishing and longing desperately to be near to each of my dear friends all at once.

I've also been realizing tonight that I am overblessed. Blessed beyond all measure. And my heart is overflowing with gratefulness and humble awe at the God I serve who has deemed it good to lavish His love on me in such a way.

God has placed in my path a great host of faith-inspiring friends who He has used to shape my life. And He continues to use them to refine me and point me ever and always to Him. These blessings of friendship with incredible people whose lives have been wholly committed to God and His cause have enriched my life here on this earth and have also given me even more reason to wish for God's soon return to come quickly-- that I may be continually in His Presence as well as in the presence of those who reflect His beauty and glory.

As I've been sitting here feeling enriched, there is a song that has been echoing in my mind, especially this part:

We're all homesick, 
Is love the reason? 
My hunger led me to your hope. 
Until the end of this colder season 
Keep us warm

Cause we are always Eden
The day after she fell.
We see good and evil
And choose which one to tell.

~Alli Rogers, "Eden"

Thank you to each of my wonderful friends who has chosen to tell Love.


Heather said...

Oh Kristin! I have felt those same feelings of "overblessedness" and you have been part of them. Thanks for the email <3

SANTIAGO said...

Beautiful posting. Thank you for sharing.

aju said...

Thanks for sharing this nice post..