Sunday, December 10

Answer to Life

I have discovered the answer to life! And no, it is not 42. In fact, it is not any number at all, but rather a word. The answer to life is..... charcoal. I know, it seems anticlimactic; you were probably expecting some word of grandiose character, such as avoirdupois (which really isn't as sophisticated as it sounds...), but allow me to explain.
A while back, I was sitting in my Mission Nursing class and listening to the speakers present on herbal and alternative remedies. Honestly, with almost every single problem they discussed, they listed charcoal poultices or a strange charcoal concoction as one of the best things to heal it. As I reflected on this in the weeks after this classroom presentation, I concluded that charcoal must indeed be the answer to life. Although, perhaps I have misled you all in saying that charcoal is the answer to life. Because I suppose it's not really charcoal in and of itself that I decided was the answer to life, but the analogy that I drew from it.
I decided that in some ways charcoal is much like Jesus. Charcoal has very interesting properties, of which I'm sure I only know a few. It has an extremely large surface area and has many "pores." It draws out toxins of all kinds and binds with them, and because it is so porous and has such great surface area, it has great potential to draw out large amounts of toxins. Jesus does the same in our lives if we'll allow him. In dying on the cross, Jesus took the sins of the entire world on himself; he drew out our toxic, poisonous sin and bound it to himself in order that we might be healed. But Jesus, unlike charcoal, can never be so saturated that he can't take away our sin.
So there you have it. The answer to life :) Well, ok, so maybe charcoal isn't the answer to life, but I'm sure it's pretty close! I suppose I could revise and say that Jesus' charcoal-like properties are the answer to life eternal.


Paul said...

charcoal is good stuff for sick bellies, but I don't know if it's supernatural...

Caitlin said...

Yay! I'm so excited that I can comment :) Thanks for showing me how blogging works!
Now, if other people could hear you read this - as you shared with Karissa and I last night - they couldn't help but but be convinced that charcoal is indeed the answer to life!
I like the analogy too, and I believe that it fits with the God promising to give us "beauty for ashes, gladness for mourning..."
because, He really can use the ashes (charcoal) of our lives and heal / create joyful health again.
Also, Jesus wants to apply His righteousness to us, and draw all the impurities of sin cancer out of our system so that we can live wholesome lives for His glory.
... I could keep going... but really, I think my "study break" has been long enough... back my notes I go... perhaps I shall review the disorders of the middle and inner ear next....
you know, I just bet a charcoal poultice would work quite well for mastoiditis.... :)

Petraglyph said...

Cool analogy, Kristin!
And hey, I look forward to seeing you at GYC. :-)

Johonn said...

Paul you need to take the time to read the whole post... :)
there is a great application here.

Paul said...

I did read the whole post. I just didn't have time to comment on it all. law school means you have to study--unlike college!

Johonn said...

Ok ok, i did study...some... :)
college isn't a complete walk in the park, you know

CJK said...

you bickering little college/law school students.