Tuesday, December 26

What Man Dared Not Dream

This past weekend at church our service was a musical program with intermittent readings. I really enjoyed the service, but there was one reading that I especially liked. Our pastor read an excerpt from one of Max Lucado's Books called And the Angels Were Silent. The chapter was called "What Man Dared Not Dream" and it was a really neat thought. So I decided to share it with you all.
In this chapter, Max Lucado is writing about modern day heroes and Santa Claus. He tells a brief history of Santa Claus and how society has evolved him into the jolly, rosy-cheeked, bearded man who knows the desires of our hearts and brings us presents that we want. Lucado also talks about the fact that society creates superheroes to meet our needs; men in capes who will fly in and rescue innocent lives from evil schemes and disasters, heroes who race to the rescue and then fly away to save the next unsuspecting victim. But all of the superheroes that we have created to meet our needs and wants are created in the same sin-full world that we live in. And we've created them to have minimal contact, rushing in and out before they can be known.
All of this is building up to the heart of the matter, where the author shows how inadequate our imaginations are in comparison with God's. He talks about Jesus, the ultimate superhero/savior, and how he differs from society's best imaginings. And the point that Lucado makes is the reason for my post. But he says it much better than I, so...
"After three years of ministry, thousands of miracles and numerous teachings Jesus asks, 'Who?' He bids the people to ponder not what he has done but who he is. The main question is whose son is he? Is he the son of God or the sum of our dreams? Is he the force of creation or part of our imagination? When we ask that question of Santa, the answer is clear; he is part of our imagination, a representation of our dreams. When we ask the question about Jesus, this is not true. For starters we could never dream a person as unbelievable as Jesus. The idea that a virgin would be selected by God to give birth to his son. The thought that the King of the universe would sneeze and get bit by mosquitoes is too amazing, too revolutionary; we would never create such a Saviour. We are not that daring. God did what we would not dare to dream, he did what we could not imagine. He became a man so we could trust him. He defeated death so we could follow him. So when it comes to goodies and candy, chubby cheeks and red noses; go to the North Pole! But when it comes to eternity, forgiveness, purpose and truth go to the manger. Kneel with the shepherds. And worship the God who dared to do what society dared not dream."


CJK said...

hmmm, interesting comparison. It does cast thing in a different light.

CJK said...

YOU'RE THE BEST EVER! just thought i'd tell you that :D :D