Monday, January 8

Kristin One and Christen Two: First Day of School

One very special night- the night before the first day of the new semester- Kristin one and Christen two were catching each other up on their Christmas breaks. They were having a jolly good time, but that sneaky old Father Time was slyly pulling the day out from under them! Since the next morning they would be going to their new classes, the first classes of their new semester, there was much to be done! First they had to figure out where their classes were. Once that was accomplished, they excitedly discussed the classes they would be taking together. Now, Christen two is of the highly organized sort, and she had wisely packed her bookbag with all the necessities for class. Kristin one, on the other hand, had not. When Christen two was all comfy in bed, reading her book, Kristin one realized her folly! She had yet to unpack her bookbag from break and repack it with all the fundamental school supplies. Quickly did she unpack her bag, but then was abruptly stopped in her tracks! "What does one need for classes?" wondered Kristin one aloud. Christen two was quick to reply, "Well you could start with paper, pens, and notebooks." "Oh, yeah," said Kristin one, feeling rather silly. You see, Kristin one had previously been a nursing student and they are given notes to write on. Now as she realized that she had absolutely no paper, and no notebooks, she felt very much like an unprepared freshman the night before her very first class. Thankfully, Christen two came to the rescue with the much needed paper (Kristin one had found a notebook suitable enough). Kristin one will very soon be visiting the local Wal-Mart to better prepare herself for the new semester. :)

*Post note: I really do feel like it's my first day of school :P Silly as that sounds. Oh, and quick explanation- I sent this in an email to some people because it was meant to be humorous and make them smile. It was suggested that I post it here as well. And, the reason I feel like a first-time student is because I'm used to taking Nursing classes with preprinted notes, and today I had my first non-nursing classes :D


CJK said...
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CJK said...

Yay! What a fun narrative of what must have been a very humorous incident. Too bad I was asleep next door. or, well, having nightmares rather. lol. :) :)