Thursday, April 24

For MomE

My mom recently sent me a song she wrote that one of our former church members is hopefully going to sing. I like it and had asked her if I could share it with people. She said I could and that it would be ok for me to post it here. I hope you enjoy it :)

He's the Air I Need to Breathe

I find every now and then
I make that promise once again
As I'm back down on my knees
Asking God to hear my pleas
When my world is ripped apart
I feel the need to change my heart
Yet I still don't seem to learn
Why God's the last place that I turn

I want Jesus each new morn
So His words, my thoughts adorn
Through my days and nights extol
That my life's in His control
He can fill my thirsty soul
Feed my hunger, make me whole
Every day I must believe
He's the air I need to breathe

When the going gets too tough
And I tell God I've had enough
Though I call upon His Name
He is where I place the blame
Still it's worse when things are good
I don't feel the need I should
Since I'm busy, there's less thought
In a Name I've now forgot

When my prayers seem unheard
I wish I still would read His word
As I search for evidence
That His love for me's immense
I'm not worthy of His grace
But long to end with His embrace
I've been taught this from my youth
That in Him, I will find the truth


Hugo said...

This too has nothing to do with your blog, lol. :-) I really miss you too. You should look me up on Facebook/Myspace/IM or something!


chispa said...

Beautiful song... Thanks for sharing. I am also interested in the book you told me about, The Man from Lancer Avenue. Can you give me more information about it?