Sunday, April 20


I didn't have a very good day at work today. It was rough. Then I had to go to our last SA event of the year, which wasn't bad, but I think I ended up having an allergic reaction. Words that I would use to describe today are: intense, draining, awful, encouraging, itchy, dreadful, and deep. In any case, when I finally got home, my mind was entirely too engaged in processing the day and pulling out the profoundness that I knew was lurking about to go to sleep. This is what I wrote.

Your Heart

I prayed that you'd show me your heart today--

I wanted to feel as you do.

I asked for your love in my heart to stay,

So others would now feel love too.

Now I'm at work on the hospital floor,

My patients are all very sick.

I do what I can, but want to do more;

My heart is as heavy as brick.

One patient rejects me, turns a cold heart,

He's had quite enough of this place.

He chose to dislike me right from the start,

He sees not my hurt, tear-streaked face.

Another one lies there, dying in pain;

He struggles with each ragged breath.
Tears freely flow as I hear the man strain,
My heart now feels shattered by death.

Your heart was too much for my heart to bear,

The burden of love was too strong.

Please comfort my heart; this is my new prayer.

Please don't stay away for too long.

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Little Christen said...

I especially like your last stanza--it's powerful.