Saturday, July 26

My List

Reasons I Should Get Married One Day** (in no particular order):

1. Cooking for two is just more fun
2. Talking to myself could get old fast
3. I might need someone to drive me to the hospital if my clumsiness persists
4. I don't sing bass or tenor
5. Houses creak in the night
6. I'm curious to know if I snore
7. How else will I have kids?
8. Playing Bananagrams with myself has become too predictable
9. A human GPS seems like the perfect solution for a directionally challenged girl
10. It's not quite as satisfying to laugh at my own jokes
11. Thomas is not the most interesting name on the face of the planet (No offense to my family...)
12. The position of "Chief of Spider Removal Services" is currently vacant
13. I fix broken people, not broken machines
14. The top cupboards are so very high up
15. I'm tired of winning arguments against myself
16. A wedding ring would deter people from inquiring if I am 12 years old
17. I can have company on my walks, and guys will not stare at me out of their car windows as they pass me by
18. When I've lost my mind, I may need help finding it again (as well as my keys...)
19. Broken down riding mowers are heavy
20. Broken down cars are heavier
21. It is not good for woman to be alone either
22. It's hard to have family meals by myself
23. Peanut butter jars are difficult to open
24. Holding hands works better than mittens

**Disclaimer: The above list is sheerly for entertainment purposes; all reasons listed were included with the intent of making you laugh. Please do not think me so shallow... And please, feel free to add any reasons you might come up with


Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Ha ha! That's great Kristin! That pretty much fills up the reasons! It's nice to have someone to hike with so that creeps don't come around :).

Kelsey said...

Oh no! It's the curse of Genesis 3:16!

25. If two shall become one flesh, it would be fascinating to be 2 places at once.
26. It would be scary to travel in the Middle East by myself.
27. I believe there is an opening for "His Highness of Hornet Displacement and Dispensement Services" as well.
28. I don't want to sit on a porch in a rocking chair with white hair and knit all by myself.

LOL, Kristin...

barry said...

I can't offer any reasons for or against marriage, but one's things for sure.
I'll never get tired of talking--especially arguing--with myself.

Kelsey said...

Barry, who wins? :P I used to try and play chinese checkers with myself when I was little, but it was really hard because I always knew what the other player was thinking. hehe

29. My feet get cold.

Alex said...

this post served it's purpose well - I have been quite amused... then again I think the saying "half in jest and full in serious" might apply to many of the things you say.

barry said...

Kelsey, I never really know, which is why I like it so much.

Kristin said...

Alex, I'm glad you were amused :) As for the reasons being true... I would say that they might all be bonuses of being married rather than being reasons to get married :D

vanderlt said...

awesome list....