Saturday, March 15

Baby Bear Part II

And with that, Baby Bear began his adventure. As he crawled out of the nice cozy cave, the light nearly blinded his poor little eyes. But Baby Bear was determined that he would find some food; he just could not wait any longer for Mama Bear to get up.
He wandered around in the forest looking for something, anything edible. His little paws were beginning to get rather cold and quite wet from walking about on the mostly melted snow. He looked around him at the trees and bushes that were just barely beginning to bud.
“There has got to be some food out here!” Baby Bear said in desperation.
Finally, after hours of wandering and searching, Baby Bear spotted a little bush. This bush wouldn’t have caught Baby Bear’s attention, except for one thing. It had clusters of small green berries on it!
“Hurray! I’ve found food!” Baby Bear said as he ran over to the tiny bush. He began to gobble up as many berries as he could fit into his mouth at a time. He ate and ate and ate. After all, it had been all winter long since he had eaten anything at all.
With his appetite satisfied, Baby Bear began to realize again how very cold he was. He wasn’t inside the cozy cave with its walls to shield him from the gusts of wind that swept through the woods, and his paws were almost numb, but not quite enough that he couldn’t feel the biting cold.
“Brrr… I think maybe I should go back home now. Maybe Papa and Mama will be awake when I get back and I can tell them all about the berries I found.” Baby Bear turned to make the long trek back to the cave where Papa Bear and Mama Bear were just starting to rise from sleep.


Alex said...

Were the berries edible? Does he find his way back to the cave? Does he get frostbite? Does he get a spanking for not obeying?

Little Christen said...

More! More!

Caitlin said...

Bear cubs are so cute!
green berries? what kind? I think Emily should illustrate this story!

Kristin said...

My what attentive and eager readers I've found :P Hope the end doesn't disappoint you...