Tuesday, March 18

Baby Bear Part III

It was a long walk back, and as Baby Bear went further and further, his stomach began to hurt more and more.
“Ooooh,” groaned Baby Bear. “I don’t feel so good.”
Baby Bear thought about the berries he had eaten and remembered something that Papa Bear had told him once.
“Baby Bear, you must be patient and wait for the berries to be ripe.” Papa Bear had said.
“How do you know when they’re ripe?” he had asked.
“Well, berries are an awful green color before they’re ripe, but they’ll turn a nice dark black or a deep red color when they’re ready to be eaten.” Papa Bear had explained to him.
“I wish I hadn’t been so impatient to get up and eat,” thought Baby Bear as he came up to the entrance of the cave. “And I wish I had remembered not to eat those green berries. Papa told me I should be patient and wait until they’re ripe.”
Papa Bear and Mama Bear heard the small moans of Baby Bear as he found his way into the back of the cave.
“Baby Bear, what’s wrong?” Mama asked with concern.
“I ate some green berries,” Baby Bear replied. “My stomach hurts really bad.”
Papa Bear began to speak. “Now Baby Bear, remember, I told you that you have to—”
“I know, I know. I have to be patient and wait until the berries are ripe,” Baby Bear finished Papa Bear’s sentence.
And that was all the scolding that Baby Bear got. Mama Bear found some ginger root to help make Baby Bear’s stomach stop hurting, and Baby Bear was very thankful for that. Baby Bear learned a very important lesson that spring, and from then on, he made sure that he listened to Papa Bear and Mama Bear. Even when it meant that he had to wait and be patient.