Tuesday, March 18

Pleasant Puzzle

Spring has sprung. And with that alliterative beginning I shall explain my pleasant puzzle. The following are the thoughts and narrative of one Kristin (or Kristin One if you should prefer) of a Tuesday morning early:

I walked into my British Lit class at 7:55 am on Tuesday morning and noticed a small sprig of fresh white flowers of unknown classification laying conspicuously on a long stretch of black tabletop- more specifically, my section of black tabletop.
"Curious. Where on earth did they come from? And who put them there? Are they supposed to be for me, or did someone just leave them there randomly? Maybe someone forgot them. No, that's silly; this is the first class of the morning, the doors are locked before this class, and they aren't wilted so they must be new."
These thoughts rushed through my head almost all at once.
"Who would have known that I sit here? No one, except the people in this class."
I looked around to see if there were any likely suspects. None.
"They must not be specifically for me. But who would have left flowers on anyone's desk? That's something that Caitlin would do, but it couldn't have been her."

I began to set my backpack down and remove my books. Meanwhile, one of my fellow temporarily recurrent tabletop users came in to sit down at her usual seat, two seats away from me. She looked at the flowers and then smiled at me.
"Oh dear. She probably thinks that someone left them here for me as a gift. Oh well. I suppose she may think what she likes. But who on earth put them here? And why?"
Such was the puzzling scene I was met with early this morning, and it remains unsolved. I suppose I won't figure it out either, and so I have given it up as a pleasant puzzle with key pieces in absentia.


Little Christen said...

Heehee. Have you ever thought that perhaps someone had picked it outside, and then lazily didn't want to put it back nor throw it away, so he/she just put it down in a random location unbeknownst to the person who was to joyfully receive them? Well, that's all I can come up with. It looks like you and me both have had pleasant puzzles today. ;)

P.S. I love the way you word things now, Kristin. Keep up the good work!

Christy said...

ORRRRRRR.... maybe you have a secret admirer!!! fun! :D :D

Alex said...

I guess I have to admit... it was me, I decided to sneak down there for spring break and pay some surprise vusits.

Kristin said...

In all honesty, the likelihood of Alex sneaking down to put them on my desk is much greater than the likelihood of my having a secret admirer :) And the chances of my having a secret admirer from that class is even less likely...
Meanwhile, I'm quite happy just to be pleasantly puzzled. Although, every once in a while the level of my curiosity rises and I begin to wonder again...

Paul said...

I can't claim responsibility for the good deed, but I admire the doer. Thanks for meeting up for worship last Thursday night.

Caitlin said...

:) I plead innocence in this case...
hehe, such puzzles are so much fun!

Kristin - you have many secret admirers! I am one of them ;)
Hereby declaring some of the many things I admire about you, my dear friend, your fun expressions, your honesty with life, and your unique insights!

With love,
Your one and only scarf-twin

Kristin said...

"Adrian gave you the flower blossom."
Says the note on my office desk.
Mystery solved.
Thanks Adrian :)

Note: Adrian is most definitely not a secret admirer, but a friend of mine that I've had several classes with this year.

Kristin said...

Oh, and Caitlin:
Thanks :) You made my day.
Love from,
Your scarf-twin of To-Not-To-Go