Wednesday, May 14

Cool Points

More cool points for God.

I've been a little bit discouraged because it was starting to look like I would be traveling to Africa all by myself because I couldn't work out dates to travel with other people. I'm alright with alone time. In fact, I like my alone time now and then. However, I was not really looking forward to traveling for such a long time all by myself. I was also not exactly enthused about the idea of being in a foreign airport all by myself; it just isn't really all that appealing to me.

My phone just rang about 3 minutes ago. It was the student missions coordinator. She asked me again when I was planning to leave. "Middle to end of August, right?"

"Yeah, that's what I was hoping for."

"Well, there's someone else who's going to Chad, and he didn't really want to travel by himself, and he wants to leave around that time too. So, I'll just tell him that we'll try to work it out so that you two can travel together."

Sweet. Thanks God; You always take care of me. I think I need to work on making "worry" an antiquated word in my lexicon.