Wednesday, May 7

God is Good

** Please read the previous post first! It will make more sense **

This whole week, I've been dreading today and yesterday. I think I would have been dreading them before that, but I was pleasantly preoccupied by people. Every way I looked at it, there wasn't enough time in the days to get everything done and still have time to eat and sleep. Unfortunately, when I scheduled myself to work Tuesday night and Wednesday night I didn't realized that I would be moving out of my apartment on Wednesday.

As I mentioned in my last post, I didn't get very much sleep Tuesday before going in to work. When I got back from work, I caught a quick 30 minute nap before getting up to get ready for class. All week long, I've been praying constantly that God would give me strength, make extra time, or somehow get me through this week in one piece. Every time I began to stress about something, I would pray for God to give me strength and to help me trust Him. It's been quite refreshing to be in a mindset of prayer so often.

One of my more specific prayers of recent was that God would either let me get off work for Wednesday night, or that he would keep me awake. Now, the "keep me awake" prayer is actually much greater than one might think. This morning I was running on approximately 30 minutes of sleep, had to sit through 2 1/2 hours of class, and then needed to pack frantically, clean, move out, and get some sleep before going in to work all night.

God definitely answered my prayer. There is absolutely no other explanation for how on earth I made it through Tuesday's shift, and through class this morning without feeling tired. Honestly, I did not feel tired. I think I might have yawned once. I kept waiting for the tiredness to kick in and for me to collapse, but I just kept on going. I thanked God, and began packing. Around 2 pm, when I was nowhere near finished, I decided to call work to see if it was likely that I would be called off because of a lack of patients. How funny I am. I told the assistant nurse manager my plight and that it didn't seem likely I would be able to sleep before coming in to work tonight, and she basically told me, "tough luck." Though not quite so frankly.

I wanted to cry, but prayed instead. My first thought was, "Well God, Jesus had lots of sleepless nights, and you sustained him. Perhaps you could keep me awake for yet another 17 hours?" I was slightly down though because I had been praying that God would let them call me off of work. Oh well. God had kept me awake this long; so I was pretty confident that somehow God would work a miracle and I would manage to stay awake through work tonight and class tomorrow morning.

I continued packing and cleaning, and around 4 pm, my phone rang. It was the assistant nurse manager. "We found someone to cover for you." I thanked her profusely, and when we hung up, I started crying. I was completely overwhelmed by God's love for me and the fact that He cared about me enough to fix the mess I had made of life by overbooking myself yet again. I just sat there for a while and talked to God, still feeling completely overwhelmed.

This year I have noticed more and more the things that God does for me because He loves me. Little things to make me happy, big things to take care of me, and everything in between. Over and over, I'm reminded of how amazing my God is, and it makes me love Him more and more because I see how great His love is. Anyway, my point is that God is good. All the time.

"Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." ~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


bekah said...

wow, that's amazing. Thanks for sharing your story. "God is good, all the time, put a song of praise in this heart of mine!"

Christy said...

i'm so glad you came and hung out with us even though you had so much to do. and i'm VERY glad that God took care of you. enjoy your weekend at home :)