Wednesday, May 28


I recently realized that there was a poem from Creative Writing that I meant to post, but must have forgotten. There's a real story behind it, but I also wrote it with a deeper meaning as well.


Deep purple petals
And thick green stems,
A bouquet of fresh tulips
Bright-eyed stands.

Thrust into a pair of hands,
Passed roughly to the next;
The once firm flowers bend,
Their stems have now gone limp.

The purple tulips lie—
Tossed carelessly aside—
Upon the wrought iron table,
And look as though they’ve died.

A loving hand gathers the blooms,
Takes them gently home.
A vase prepared, and water drawn,
The tulips placed inside.

With water fresh to soothe the hurt
The purple petals liven up,
And stems grow strong once more—
The flowers soon revive.


Jonas said...

Kristin Thomas:
you get the prolific blogger of the month award!

P.S. Besides quantity, quality is also exceptional!

Kristin said...

It does seem as though I've broken some unofficial record for number of posts in a set amount of time. I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing...
Anyway, I think the serious lack of time to post and write about all the thoughts in my head during last semester seem to have created a desire to catch up. I still have about 5 posts in my head waiting to be written...

Caitlin said...

Looking forward to them then!

:) I remember when you shared this poem in class! I like it. I like that the petals are purple.

Kelsey said...

hehe, I must agree with John. Not only do you have a multitude of posts in record time, but you are featured prominently in Anh's blog and my blog.

Way to blog!