Tuesday, August 19


Alright, so this is rather late, but I realized that I haven't posted pictures in a while. Besides, I haven't had the motivation to actually blog about Camp Cherokee, so I figured that a few pictures would be good enough for now. Haha, although, Andrew might be upset with me since I still never blogged about our hikes last summer...

In any case, I'm posting a few pictures from one of my days off this summer. I have some other pictures, but it's not likely that they'll be posted before I leave. And I'm still trying to collect some pictures.

So, these are pictures of our hike to Mt. Colden, which was really exciting for me! Last summer, I did 4 of the high peaks in the Adirondacks: Algonquin, Iroquois, Esther, and Whiteface. I remember standing on the top of Algonquin (second highest peak) and I spotted a mountain that looked amazing. There were these three sheets of rock face coming down the side of it, and they looked sort of like large rock rivers flowing down the side. I asked Andrew which peak it was, and said that was one that I definitely wanted to do. It was Mt. Colden. So when Andrew told me that they were going to do it this summer, I really wanted to go.

Left to Right: Andrew, Shama, Me, Emily (poor Andrew, he always gets stuck with all girls)

Us again

Avalanche Lake

Shama climbing on the rocks

At the top. Note to self: get some shorter friends so I don't look quite as short.

There were some more pictures with prettier views, but I think Emily has those...


Jen said...

yay for camp! i am glad that we got to hang out some, and i looking forward to when you get back from Chad so we can visit together more.

Christy said...

i am nowhere. how sad :(

EEK said...

So glad you came with us :) Nice views--Shall I send some? There are plenty to share and to enjoy looking at again. I'll second Jen.

Little Christen said...

Great pictures! And now worries: as long as we're friends, you'll never lack a short companion. ;)