Tuesday, August 12

Step Aside, Darcy

So, this is random, but I've pretty much decided that Gilbert Blythe is the number one hero of all times. Forget Mr. Darcy and Captain Wentworth. Gilbert Blythe has them beat hands down.

Why? Because Gil's character really gets love. He understands the sacrificial and selfless nature of love. Beyond that, he pursues with persistence, is honest, and is genuinely sincere. And, he's a big enough man to put aside pride when necessary. There's my brief and somewhat vague account of the virtues of Gilbert Blythe. I have more thoughts on this subject, but won't bore you.

I'm such a hopeless romantic (not in the Wordsworth sense of the word romantic). And yet, still somewhat hopeful, if a little discouraged.


Christy said...

aw, now i want to watch anne of green gables sooooo bad!!!!!

Little Christen said...

lol. This wouldn't have been spawned off of our Saturday night viewing of Anne of Green Gables, would it? And I agree. I think I could fall for a guy like Gilbert, as long as he didn't call me Carrots...or more relatively, Crowhead. ;)