Sunday, June 1


Kayla gave me a prompt to write a poem with a reference to a fairy tale.


The moonlight must have enchanted you,
Because you were captivated.

Your eyes sparkled
With sheer delight
When you looked into mine.

Your laughter danced
With amusement
At the words that I spoke.

The moonlight must have enchanted you,
Because in the morning, the glass slipper didn’t fit.


Little Christen said...

That's hilarious! Good job.

Kristin said...

Well... I wasn't really intending for it to be funny. In fact, I was surprised by your comment.
Then I tried to reread the poem and understand why you said it was funny... and I guess I can see how it could be interpreted as humorous :)

Christy said...

I found it sad :(

Little Christen said...

Well, now that you mention it, it is rather sad. I guess I just wasn't looking at it that way. But rooming here in Guatemala with Erin, I've learned to look at the brighter side of things, so I saw it in a funnier way. Sorry. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry because I found it humorous too...Love, Mom E