Tuesday, June 10


I can't remember when this happened... It was probably about three weeks ago, but I didn't get around to writing about it until now. This should be yet another of the more amusing posts...

A short while ago, I was taking a French class and working night shifts. This was quite challenging mainly because I never seemed to be able to find a good time to sleep. My general schedule was something like this:

5 pm: Get up and get ready for work
5:45 pm: Leave for work
6:30 pm - 7 am: Work
7:45 am: Get home and take quick power nap
8:15 am: Wake up and get ready for class
8:50 am: Leave for class
9 - 11:30 am: Class
12 pm: Eat
1 pm: Sleep until 5 pm (if I was going to work again that night)
If I wasn't going to work again, I would try to stay up until later that night so I could get back on a day schedule.

As you can see, there wasn't a whole lot of time for sleep. One day, the inevitable happened: my body boycotted my schedule and refused to wake up for my alarm clock. Unfortunately, this meant that I slept through class! I've never done that before...

I woke up at about 12:15 pm, and after getting over the initial shock of sleeping through my entire class, I called Ansley. I explained what happened and asked if there was any way that she could bring me notes from class because we had a test the next day. She agreed and said she would be over at 2 pm.

Still in my scrubs from the night before, I decided to work on some homework and such in the living room. A little bit before 2 o'clock I heard the garage door opening and then the door from the garage into the kitchen opened as well.

That's odd. Ansley doesn't know the combination to the garage. And Kelsey is at work today.

I got up and walked toward the kitchen to see how Ansley had managed to get in. Much to my astonishment there was a guy standing in the kitchen! I was more than slightly startled, especially because I didn't have any idea who he was. I think I may have jumped a little and possibly let a small gasp escape.

The intruder also looked startled.

At this point I would like to say that I was not only startled, but slightly embarrassed. Not only was I wearing my scrubs from the previous night, I was also in my glasses and hadn't brushed my fuzzy morning hair. I comfort myself with the thought that I will most likely never see him again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone would be here. Dr. Parker left a book here for me," he stumbled through an apology.

"Oh, that's alright. I was just a little surprised. Who are you?"

He went on to explain that he was one of Dr. Parker's theology students and that he had been in South Carolina with the group doing evangelistic seminars. He had come back to see his sister's graduation and Dr. Parker had left a book in the living room for him.

I helped him find the book, and he went on his way. And that is the tale of my surprise visitor. This summer has been full of amusing incidences, and I am sure there are more to come... There will be another one quite soon, although Kelsey has already posted a blog about it. I'm just planning to post my side of the story...

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Jen said...

kristin, that would be a suprise! i am glad it all worked out well.