Thursday, June 12

Oh Me...

I oriented on the orthopedic floor today. It has made me oh so very thankful that I am an employee of the oncology floor. Today was absolutely insane as we discharged 5 patients and had a myriad of other challenges and grumpy people to deal with. In any case, my brain is fried and I have a headache; these two things are quite possibly connected. So as I stood in the kitchen getting ready to move to the living room, I had an interesting exchange of thought with myself out loud while on my way to read my book and my Bible.

"Oh, I still haven't had a chance to call Beth-Anne," I started walking to the dining room en route to the living room.

I turned around for no apparent reason and my eye caught a glimpse of a pen on the counter. "I need a pen!" I started for my room to get a pen (the pen on the counter would not do; I wanted a particular pen so I could mark in my book when I read).

As I walked on, I saw my vitamins in my peripheral vision. "Oh! Vitamins!" I did an immediate 90 degree turn and got my vitamins out.

I think this is the closest to ADD I have been in a long time. Then I said something that amused myself. I looked at Kelsey and said, "Oh dear. Life is short and so is my memory."

Maybe I'll blog more about the ortho floor versus the oncology floor later...

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